VIRTUAL CELLAR DOOR ~ Let’s connect from afar

For those of you grounding yourselves with loved ones, but still wanting a wine fix, we may have a solution:

In response to limited travel we have opened our Cellar Door to the virtual realms; Live video wine-chats from the comfort of your couch.
Multiple sessions over the coming days/weeks.
Through these Virtual Cellar Door experiences, we'll explore new wines, vintages, stories, vintage updates, what we drink when not drinking wine and other Patrick quirks.
No questions or stones need to remain unturned. Let's chat!

Virtual Cellar Door Opening times: 

Week days 12-5 pm ( Starting from 23rd March 2020 ) 

Let's talk about everything and anything.

Want to talk about Shiraz?
Want to talk about viticulture?
Want to talk about what it's like for small business owners in the wine industry?
Want to talk about the brains behind the brand?
Want to talk about why Luke made Whisky?

How to Connect: 

We'll be online the whole time, so come into the meeting and have a chat.

We're using Zoom as the platform at this stage; if you are using your smart phone to connect, you'll have toe download the ' Zoom ' app; it's all free. 


Free entry of course 

Other Virtual Sessions: 

  • Facebook Live streams from random locations across our properties in the coming days/ weeks
  • Vip Exclusive sessions as well, which we'll email our VIP's about separately 

If you have topics you want to hear about but can't make it online, just send us a message and we'll incorporate them into the programme.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to speed. That is where we share most of our day to day actvities. 

Taster Wine Pack 

For those that want an extra layer of fun, we're putting together a taster 6 pack for you to enjoy with whoever you are quarantine'd with. You can then connect with when the time suits you and ask all the questions, even taste through the range while we're live. Virtual Wine Tasting from the comfort of your home.

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