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" Some of the things I value:

I care about people and instilling great values in the work place ( and at home ). I love the wine industry, my employer and believe in kindness and respect, towards all humans and our planet.
You can definitely call me a wine nerd but not a wine snob ( coffee on the other hand...).

I have over 10 years experience in the wine industry and trained on multiple levels, ( including a bunch of WSET levels under my belt ).My original educational background was Law, but Laithwaite's Wine ( UK ) stole my heart. I have met so many amazing people in this industry, all with a unique story to tell. All my friends are either winemakers, retailers, business owners, marketers or have touched the wine industry somewhere down the track; they are all so different and amazing in their own way.

My job at Patrick is YOU, making sure you ( our customer, industry peer, friend, supplier, partner... ) are happy and ensure that the story you are hearing from us truly reflects our values and vision as a business. 

I love speaking to customers about what they like and why they like it; "...merely because you like one style, it does not mean your neighbour will like the same one", I LOVE this about wine, it always makes for an interesting conversation. I learn every day from our customers.

Three things I think everyone should do at least once in their life:

  • Drink a 50 year old Cabernet
  • Meditate
  • Figure out your top five values "

[ Full extract interview from Pat's People Interviews in Feb 2017 - below image  ]


Full interview extract from Pat's People Interviews in 2017 – Tash Gordon :

Can you tell us about your background a little bit?

" This is easy, should be easy anyway; born in London, lived there for 10 years, then moved to Italy with my parents, where I lived for 4, before then studying back in the UK again.  My mum is Italian and dad English. I’ve been in the wine industry for over 10 years in all sorts of roles, predominantly wine buying and marketing.  I studied Law before that, but I didn’t want to go down the corporate avenue; I wanted to change the world and work in a human rights role [ Tash smiles and raises her eyebrows ], but Laithwaite’s Wines snaffled me up before I could get to that point. So here I am. “

Outside of work, what are your passions/loves/ambitions?

“I love love; love is one of the things I focus on outside of work. Social Justice is a big passion of mine; to eliminate all kinds of discrimination across the world, that’s my ideal vision. I like to think I do Art but I never have time, or the skills [ laughs ]. Ultimately I try to make time to connect with people that are important to me and try to positively influence the world a little bit at a time.”

Who has inspired you the most in your life and how?

“ It has to be split up into decades for me. The first years, my Dad was probably my biggest inspiration, he encouraged me to think outside the box and be different to the mould. The second part of my life, my philosophy teacher at high school and then the last decade, my friend, Kate Washington, who’s the most inspiring person I’ve ever met. A font of kindness, integrity, strength, acceptance of everyone, open mindedness… I could go on forever. “

If you were to stand for something greater than anything else, what would it be?

“ Social Justice; poverty and financial inequality in particular. “

What’s the best thing about the Patrick of Coonawarra brand? ( aside from working here; about the business and brand overall )

“ The kindness, totally and utterly the kindness, I believe it to be it’s unique quality by far. I haven’t worked for many companies but I’ve worked for enough ( and witnessed enough conversations ), I’ve never met business owners of this kind who exude it truly and with integrity, I think that stands out at Patrick of Coonawarra. “

When you were a child did you have big dreams, different to where you are now?

“ When I was 6, which is very different to now, I remember drawing in a pad of paper ( on my teacher’s request ) me in a pink beetle, as a mum, grocery shopping. That is definitely not who I am now and certainly hasn't been my dream probably since I was 6. I have nothing pink, I’d love to have a beetle, but not sure going to the supermarket with my child is the dream ( I don’t have kids and cooking is not my forte ) [ laughs ]. “

Assuming you had all the money in the world and you were skilled at everything imaginable, is there a big dream or journey you would undertake?

“ Ummm…I’m one of those annoying people that would keep working; but If I did have unlimited money, I would probably pay off a mortgage then set up a charity and continue to over commit to everything, like I am doing now, then when one project is done, do more projects, more charities. “

Thinking about Coonawarra, what do you think is unique about the region?

“ Coonawarra cabernet for me has always been a symbol of premium, I’ve always thought of it as being one of the most premium wines in the world, since my wine days back in the UK. The first $100 bottle of wine I ever bought was a 10 year old Wynns Coonawarra Cab, this was a long time before moving to Coonawarra. ( I had never even visited by that point ).  You really need to see value in a product to want to spend $100 on it, I felt like I truly got 'value for money' with that bottle. The cork crumbled and I had to sieve the wine out through a net bag from my oranges ( I had nothing else at the time to hand ), but the wine was intact and beautiful. The oranges bag certainly didn’t ruin the experience, in fact adds to the memory.

The community is also second to none, I’ve never seen a community like it.  I used to live in McLaren Vale and that was great, but there is something different to this community here, truly one of a kind, can’t quite believe it actually. Inspiring people! “

The UK is very long way from the Coonawarra, so how did you get here?

“ The company I worked for in the UK relocated me and sponsored me to be here.  I had nothing to lose at the time, so before I knew it, I was living in McLaren Vale.  They specifically said ‘it’s not going to be Sydney, so don’t expect Sydney’, I was like ‘FAB, I’m not expecting Sydney, I don’t want Sydney’.
I loved McLaren Vale, it was amazing and I fell in love with Australia pretty quickly, I’d never go back to the UK, no offence UK; and now I’ve ended up here in Coonawarra, four hours from any major city, fate maybe. I was only meant to stay in Coonawarra for 3 months for ‘vintage’, my intention was to go back to Adelaide, but then an opportunity came up with Patrick of Coonawarra and it has been the best company I have worked for to date. I don’t intend to leave. “

What’s your go to drink?

“ If I had to have one last bottle before I died , it would have to be Barolo ( good Barolo ). 
Outside of wine? … green juice; or does it have to be alcoholic?
Gin and tonic would be my next non-wine alcoholic drink in line. “

What are you listening to at the moment?

“ I don’t really have a go-to artist. I’ve played the Lumineers on repeat for about a month and now I’m sick of them, so now I’m reverting back to Bob Dylan. ( a classic I have been obsessed with my whole life, another one of those things I can thank my Dad for ) “

What book are you reading at the moment?

“ I’m reading a couple of books at the moment; Fight like a girl by Clementine Ford and re-reading The Alchemist, dancing between the two depending on the mood. “

When was a time that you upset someone?

“ A few years ago I irrationally yelled at my mum [ I might start crying so apologies ] and she’s amazing so I really shouldn’t have. She is the one person that probably loves me the most over every other; she didn’t show pain or hurt at the time, but I know it would have hurt, which makes me cry to think back. Being unkind to others makes me sad, so in those moments of imperfection, I really disappoint myself. “

And the best thing you’ve done for someone else?

“ That’s hard; the best thing I’ve done is probably to love until I couldn’t love anymore. Essentially trying to be kind, be loving and listen, until it was no longer possible, you know (?!). So, trying my very best until the very end. “

What about your most selfless act?

“ Most selfless act…I don’t know if I have ever been completely selfless. Everything is questionably a bit selfish.
But what I perceive to be selfless I suppose would be availability. If a friend needs help at any time, I am there. Middle of the night, 5 hour drive away, you name it, nothing would be an inconvenience if someone needed help, quite the opposite, I see it as an honour. “

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